This home page is an initiative of the SeniorKompetenzTeam Görlitz/Zgorzelec.

In the SeniorKompetenzTeam Görlitz/Zgorzelec, dedicated elderly citizens, part-time workers and volunteers 50 years or older have joined together. In part, the participants have ended their professional life in industry and administration, and now contribute their experience and knowledge to the general community, as volunteers. Regional potential and experience of older people can be of great value in passing it on to initiatives, associations, industry and commerce businesses, etc. People who are interested in finding a new home or considering changing their residence, have a choice through the SeniorKompetenzTeam, to use the experiences of long-time and permanent residents, as well as recent migrants in the City, to help them, to make an informed decision.

Hopefully with this home page, we have given you an overview about the outstanding features of the County and the City of Görlitz as well as the neighboring City of Zgorzelec.


Our contact address is:

SeniorKompetenzTeam GörlitZgorzelec



Landratsamt Görlitz

Bahnhofstr. 24

02826 Görlitz

Tel. 03581-663 0 

Stadtverwaltung Görlitz

Untermarkt 8

02826 Görlitz

Tel. 03581-67 0


email: , Aktionskreis für Görlitz e.V., Klosterplatz 10, 02826 Görlitz, Tel. 03581-417736; , GÜSA e. V., Grenzüberschreitende Vernetzung sozialer Arbeit in der Euroregion Neiße, Brückenstr. 1, 02826 Görlitz, Tel. 03581-461 261;