The Great Offer

After the change, Görlitz – just like many other Cities in the "New Estates" – they had to confront the situation of people rather moving away, due to the lack of work opportunities and because of the position so close to the border. Now that the borders to the East are open, Görlitz, together with its neighbouring Cities, form a gateway to the countries of Eastern Europe and has been given the chance to become, once more, an important turntable for international commercial relations.

Görlitz which has grown throughout the centuries with a City centre maintained in the style of the Middle Ages and an almost completely renovated section from foundation times, has become an attractive place for tourism and for the movie industry. Many museums relive the relation to a flourishing past. Schools, community colleges, theater, a university and a rich offer of hotels and restaurants are a lifestyle for young and old. The surrounding countryside with its highlands, the flooded mining areas with an impressive lake landscape as well as cultural monuments at the base of the Krkonoše Mountains trigger the charm of new discoveries over and over again. The only border between Görlitz and Zgorzelec is the Neisse River; apart from this, a visitor has no limitations to explore both city parts.

To improve the future development of family unity, in cooperation with the City of Bochum, which has experience in this field, a family-friendly commune will be built.

A company under the responsibility of the City administration, Europastadt GörlitzZgorzelec GmbH, works on a regional economic development system, in City marketing and tourism.

The development of a concept for the local residents to participate in the shaping of Görlitz, in cooperation with the Zittau/Görlitz University, has the objective of providing citizen-friendly and timely information about the City’s important projects and decisions and to involve the residents in shaping their own surroundings.

Several Real Estate agents and mangements in Görlitz offer welcome packages for newcomers. It includes a variety of discounts. Therefore, for the first months rents are free of charge. The public utilities offer newcomers in Görlitz no power bills for a month. A family can use transportation services that are free for three months. A regional bank doesn’t charge account maintenance costs for one year and also offers household insurance for free, for one year. 

Landratsamt Görlitz

Bahnhofstr. 24

02826 Görlitz

Tel. 03581-663 0 

Stadtverwaltung Görlitz

Untermarkt 8

02826 Görlitz

Tel. 03581-67 0


email: , Aktionskreis für Görlitz e.V., Klosterplatz 10, 02826 Görlitz, Tel. 03581-417736; , GÜSA e. V., Grenzüberschreitende Vernetzung sozialer Arbeit in der Euroregion Neiße, Brückenstr. 1, 02826 Görlitz, Tel. 03581-461 261;