City of Goerlitz

After the change over, many work places were lost due to the fact that the Lignite mining was stopped, due to the dismantlement of the related energy companies.
This circumstance caused a sudden population reduction, because there was no compensation, to employ the work force in other companies in the region.
Görlitz had the challenge of confronting this situation and was forced to concentrate on new areas, to stop the migration of young people and their knowledge and skill sets. Therefore, Görlitz succeeded to establish the turbine construction for the Siemens company and the train builder Bombardier as largest employer in the City. In addition, Görlitz managed to establish several medium-sized companies. In the Zittau/Görlitz University, over 3500 students study the Sciences with the specializations in electric computer technology, management and culture, machine, natural mathematics, social economics and the economic engineering degrees for Bachelor, Master and diploma careers.
The old City, with it's origins in the Middle Ages and the surrounding, almost completely renovated district, from the time of the City’s foundation have a great attraction for Movie Studios from within and outside the country. In the past many movies were made which conveyed the City’s aura. With its houses and inner courtyards construction from the Middle Ages and the almost completely renovated districts, from the origins of Görlitz is working towards gaining a World Cultural Heritage title.
With a rich offering of private lodgings, hotels as well as restaurants, the City becomes more attractive every year for the Tourism Industry. Several Movie and City Theaters, also a variety of Museums, as well as a rich community College program provide cultural diversification.
 A Youth Center, currently being built, is designed to effectively support the City’s youth work program.
The yearly Street Theater attracts many visitors, even from the neighbouring Countries of Poland and the Czech Republic and has found a permanent place in Upper Lusatia. Within various associations, there is the possibility to participate in these diverse leisure activities, which can also be practised beyond the City and Country borders.
Two Hospitals, with many local Doctors and a dense network of Pharmacies, provide a good medical service.
Railroad and a Highway (A4) connections form the basis for a good transport infrastructure.
The distance to Dresden is ca. 100 km, to Berlin ca. 215 km, to Breslau ca. 170 km and to Prague ca. 160 km. 

Landratsamt Görlitz

Bahnhofstr. 24

02826 Görlitz

Tel. 03581-663 0 

Stadtverwaltung Görlitz

Untermarkt 8

02826 Görlitz

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email: , Aktionskreis für Görlitz e.V., Klosterplatz 10, 02826 Görlitz, Tel. 03581-417736; , GÜSA e. V., Grenzüberschreitende Vernetzung sozialer Arbeit in der Euroregion Neiße, Brückenstr. 1, 02826 Görlitz, Tel. 03581-461 261;